Guardian Hero by Kat Bammer

Author: Kat Bammer

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Overprotective hero meets wounded heroine.
They both fight on the same side, but will they fight for each other?
I stopped believing when I was ten years old.
Guardian Angels are a myth. Heroes just a fantasy.
Even my own mother a monster.
My past still haunts me, the wounds running deep and though I fight back, I also hide.
In my small home town, in my grandfather's grocery store, behind my books, and my computer…
But I can't hide from him.
He sees me… all of me.
And I can't look away, either.
Solitude and silence have led me here. I keep my distance and I got a job to do.
The Sec Ops Group is my team. My brothers. My mission after leaving the service.
But besides that, all I want for my life is peace and quiet.
And she's anything but.
A wounded dove with tons of baggage wrapped into an irresistibly sexy little package.
Protecting her becomes my obsession, not saving her, my ultimate failure.
Every single member of our rag-tag family has an opinion about us, but the only opinion that counts is hers.
Can she forgive me?
Will she open up again?
Because I would do anything to make her feel safe, cherished, and whole. Like she does for me.
I just need an in.
A minute alone to tell her I can't live without her.
She has all the power.
Which both of us never expected…
This small town protector romantic suspense features an overprotective hero, a heroine ready to fight back, and their journey to learn to trust and find love. It's a rough ride, especially with the interference of their found family and teammates.
But finding home, and the one we belong to, is worth the struggle.
Trigger Warning: This book contains references to a traumatic childhood / abuse, kidnapping, and descriptions of violence.