Author: Diane Vallere

Category: Humor

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Sometimes you have to accept the past in order to embrace your future. And sometimes "the past" is "the seventies." When Samantha Kidd's job at Retrofit Magazine leads her into the archives of seventies style, she's prepared to report on patchwork velvet and platform shoes, but she never expected to uncover the theft of a major collection of samples from the days before disco died. When the guilty party threatens Samantha's family and friends, her priorities shift into protection mode. The investigation heats up faster than fondue over sterno, and all too soon Samantha learns that while the beat goes on, there's no guarantee she'll go on with it.Books in the Samantha Kidd Style & Error Mystery Series: "Just Kidding" (short story)#1 DESIGNER DIRTY LAUNDRY#2 BUYER, BEWARE#3 THE BRIM REAPER#4 SOME LIKE IT HAUTE#5 GRAND THEFT RETRO#6 PEARLS GONE WILD#7 CEMENT STILETTOS#8 PANTY RAIDPerfect for the beach, the bath, or the line outside of the fitting room (and way more fun than shopping for bathing suits under fluorescent lights).Let the good times roll. Pick up GRAND THEFT RETRO today!

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