Author: Kevin M. Moehring

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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The town of Twisted Timbers is the sort of place you go when you want to forget about the craziness of your everyday life. Nestled deep in the forests of Oregon, the town is best known for it's scenic views, endless hiking trails and Graham Park, the amusement park that has welcomed visitors for years. The town sheriff, Bill Thompson, is finding it harder to perform the duties of the job on a daily basis due to his decline in health. His son, Mitch, has stepped up and taken on the added responsibility. As Mitch readies the town for the influx of tourists, the peaceful night sky is taken over by the bright lights of the iconic Ferris Wheel at Graham Park.Wanting to handle the situation on his own and prove to his father that he is more than capable, leads Mitch to investigate why anyone is in the park far before it is to open for the season. With the assistance of Stuart and Fred, the other two deputies in Twisted Timbers, Mitch works his way through the park looking for clues. It doesn't take long for the young officer to find the first dead body, a headless man in the roller coaster. The three officers are quickly thrust into more action than they bargained for, fighting for their lives along the way. Six trained killers have turned the amusement park into their very own playground, and are looking to get rich from collecting body parts from anyone else in the vicinity.Will the officers have what it takes to survive the night? Will Mitch be able to prove his worth to his father and prevent the killers from destroying Graham Park? Will you see the twists coming? This is a fast-paced thriller that will have you flipping the pages quickly, wondering who, if anyone, will make it out of Graham Park alive!

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