Author: French Harmon

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Do you long to be used by God but think you are too ordinary to ever be a “spiritual giant”?

It’s inspiring to read the stories of God’s heroes of the faith. But what do the lives of Peter and Paul, Stephen and Timothy, Mary and Joseph, and other early believers teach us about how we, too, can make a powerful and lasting impact for Christ and His kingdom?

Dr. French B. Harmon, longtime pastor and president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, leads readers on a journey through the lives of some of the New Testament’s biggest names. In this biblically grounded volume, Dr. Harmon will guide you to deeper understanding of how to:

– Allow God to be the captain of your life by obeying His daily guidance.
– Overcome failure and not let past mistakes define your future ministry.
– Use your unique personality and strengths to build Christ’s church.
– Be the kind of parent or mentor who will prepare the next generation to follow the Lord.
– Recommit yourself to a life of passionate evangelism and personal excellence.

At the end of each chapter, application-focused questions and action steps will help you take the wisdom of these ordinary giants and integrate it into your own life.

Though separated from us by time and culture, the Bible’s giants of the faith aren’t really that much different from us in their struggles and triumphs. God’s Ordinary Giants will challenge you, too, to become a force for God’s kingdom in this generation—and impact those who will come after you!