Author: Jessica Stephens

Category: African-American Interest

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In God, Princeton, & My Pondered Thoughts: A Memoir of My Encounter with God at an Ivy, Jessica Stephens recounts what happens to her when love, grace, and power decide to visit her while a student at Princeton University. Stephens describes what influenced her decision to attend Princeton, the trials she endured, and the beautiful adventure that captivated her upon surrender. Providing an intimate narrative, Stephens shares how she learned to trust God more deeply in her encounters with demanding course loads, unexpected sickness, spiritual warfare, life-changing prophecies, and complicated relationships. This memoir details how experiencing God cannot be limited to church settings, scheduled devotionals, or certain geographical areas. Engaging and insightful, God, Princeton, & My Pondered Thoughts illustrates how we are all part of a story in which God relentlessly pursues us with a beautiful gentleness that can only be acknowledged through intentional reflection. Sometimes, it’s by reading another’s story that one realizes that luck, coincidence, and good timing are actually the fingerprints of a loving and all-powerful God.