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Note: This book is intended for those already following an anti-inflammatory diet (low carb, paleo, GAPS, etc), so please get started with that before reading further.Like it or not, we’re all victims of a damaging dietary past and over-medicating present. And this has left us with varying degrees of digestive distress, malabsorption, bacteria imbalance (dysbiosis), and intestinal permeability.For the lucky ones, this has only presented itself as bloating or cramps, excessive burping and gas, bad breath, low hunger or energy, abnormal stools (diarrhea, constipation), heartburn and reflux, or chronic nutrient deficiencies. But for the not-so lucky ones, or for those that ignore these early signs and symptoms, these gastrointestinal issues can progress to leaky gut and an increased risk of the chronic inflammatory conditions and auto-immune diseases listed below:•Fibromyalgia (or Chronic Pain)•Rheumatoid Arthritis•ADHD and Tourette’s•Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis•Depression or Anxiety•Multiple Sclerosis•Lupus•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome•Type 1 Diabetes•Asthma and Allergies•Parkinson’s•Autism•Dermatitis – Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis•Chronic Kidney Disease•SchizophreniaThe goods news, is that you can eliminate these gastrointestinal issues and reduce your risk of these degenerative diseases by removing the foods that promote inflammation and bad bacterial growth, and consuming foods that feed and support the gut and beneficial flora that live there. With a grain-free, nutrient-rich, real-food diet, full of gut-feeding vegetable fiber, and intestinal-supporting bone broth being the best way to accomplish this.But the bad news, is that because of our prescription-packed medicine cabinets (antibiotics, NSAIDs, antacids), fake-food nutritional history, stress-packed daily lives, and unavoidable environmental exposure, this is not enough! With many of those adopting a low carb diet benefiting from a reduction in total bacteria, but never eradicating the yeast (ex: candida) and damaging parasites (ex: h. pylori) that still live there. And many of those adopting a paleo diet feeling better with less inflammation and digestive issues, but continuing to feed the glucose-gorging parasites and pathogens that have set have set up shop in their large and small intestine (ex: SIBO). Or put another way, we need to take additional action to heal the gut, and this starts with the 5-part protocol that follows. Which improves digestion, eliminates unwanted bacteria, strengthens the GI tract, re-establishes healthy gut flora, and provides ongoing dietary and lifestyle best practices to ensure it continues. It’s definitely not easy, it does take a significant amount of time, and it will require consistent effort going forward. But, as you’ll discover, it’s necessary, it’s worth it, and it’s the only way to enjoy greater health and performance and increase your protection against disease and degeneration. “The control of man’s diet is readily accomplished, but mastery over his intestinal bacterial flora is not.” Bond Stow, 1914