Author: Duane Lindsay

Category: Humor

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THE LONG CON IS THE GRIFTER’S GOLD STANDARD.BUT THIRTY YEARS LONG?There’s only one con artist in the world who’d even go there—and we use the term “artist” with the deepest respect. That would be Leroy Logan, the legendary con who fathered, nurtured, and mentored perhaps the second most accomplished outlaw of her time—his daughter and successor apparent, Dani Silver. Ghost Coach is Leroy’s thirty-year-old brainchild, the plan being to unload a priceless antique car in perfect condition, once owned by Amelia Earhart (or perhaps Mussolini.) But, alas, missing (wink wink).By no means would it be the first thing Leroy’s sold that didn’t exist, but this one does exist—at least if you believe the plethora of stories about it that he's planted in multiple publications over more than a quarter of a century.Which means he’s effectively created a market for it with dozens of ready-made marks. Brilliant! Now’s the time to cash in—only he has no money to finance the scam.Enter his brilliant daughter Dani, who’s flush with ill-gotten cash. The only trouble is, she wants to run the con herself. And nothing’s more fun to watch than a dysfunctional family misbehaving.Except perhaps watching a brilliant scheme fall apart, only to be reconstructed infinitely more elaborately, like an intricate art object. Which of course it is.The fun here is first in the game—watching the crime team come together, finding the mark, constructing the scam, building it back from scratch, improvising every minute to pull it off—and finally in the characters. Readers will fall for grumpy, 80-something, fedora-wearing Leroy, and glamourous, competent, wannabe bad girl Dani, who’s good at just about everything except developing a heart of stone.If you love Donald Westlake, Ocean’s anything, and Christina Hendricks in GOOD GIRLS, this gang’s for you!