Author: Tricia Tymes

Category: African-American Interest

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Greta had no desire to be in love. She didn't give a fuck about men and she only cared about their money. She swore that the way that she lived was the only way, and often attempted to convince her close friend Samantha to give up on having a traditional love, and join in on her Ghetto Girl Games that she plays.Shockingly engaging, and filled with jaw dropping scenes that will leave you speechless. The lustful infatuation for money, and the unbelievable thirst for the shiny life will keep you shaking your head at these women.And in case you were wondering...if you sell your food stamps so that you can go to the club; then you are also playing Ghetto Girl Games. But that's just the game for beginners, so check out these pros and how they navigate through life in the projects.