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Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of, and Nina Hartley is no exception. She's the Queen B to MVG, sister to brothers, Glock, Calico, and Draco, and mother to her youngest sibling Naysa, and she's fed up with her brothers and all around frustrated with life. Her sex life is null and void, and she's extremely lonely. Whenever she does get a man willing to put her needs before anyone else her brothers waste no time to run them off, saying they aren't good enough for her. Nina's life has to be private, and kept that way if she wants to maintain a long, healthy relationship, but who wants to live like that? Not Nina! Completely over it, Nina takes a spare of the moment trip with deep desires twisting her insides to relocate. She's ready to blow St. Louis, leaving her family drama and painful past behind. In Dallas, the city where she lands to have fun, she meets a handsome entrepreneur by the name of Lucas and the two hit it off, both in the streets and the sheets. The only problem is no matter how far you run your troubles seem to always have a way of catching up to you, so Nina has to figure out what's more important, her happiness or the happiness of her loved ones. But how does she choose when destiny dealt her a blow that almost tore her world completely apart, and she's the glue that's still holding it together?