Author: Strobe Witherspoon

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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What if "Idiocracy" ate "1984"? No, not the 2016 Presidential Election, but close!KIRKUS REVIEWS BEST OF THE YEAR SELECTION: "Sharp-toothed and Bluetoothed--gigabyte-size political and social satire for the wired generation. In a dumbed-down, dystopic near-future America, high-tech tycoon Manny Kahn fights to save the nation from political pathologies brought about by his own creation, a ubiquitous online search engine...The nonstop invention and wit spare neither the left nor the right."PEOPLE'S WORLD Top 10 books of 2014 " page-turning as it was satirical and allegorical. It simultaneously pokes fun and offers commentary on privacy and the negative effects of social networks. Buy it in paperback form, or enjoy the irony of downloading the ebook." 2026. furtl, America's once dominant technology conglomerate is bleeding money. Holospace machines out of China have transformed the way people do business on the Internet and furtl can't keep up. But there is hope. If furtl can get the US government to outlaw Holospace machines, their search algorithms, social networks, and proximity payment systems will live to see another day. All the government wants in return is unrestricted access to furtl's user information so it can squash its political opponents. It's the perfect plan (issues pertaining to privacy, innovation, and democracy notwithstanding).medium: @strobewitherspooninstagram: @strobewitherspoontwitter: @strobewitherOTHER REVIEWS"Paranoid nonsense. Witherspoon sounds like an out of touch Luddite with a superiority complex and I have deep concern for his mental state." Mitch Witherspoon, Strobe's son."Almost as good as my first novel." Horace Witherspoon, Strobe's uncle and author of 'Are There Chicken Nuggets in Heaven?'"Serious and silly, earnest and cynical. The struggle to balance national security and personal privacy comes alive in this heart-pounding debut novel. A clarion call to all who think clearing their Internet history is enough. As politics, technology, and commerce continue on their collision course, this book asks, 'are we ready'?" Amber Witherspoon, Strobe's cousin and founder,