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***This is a workbook. You'll need to be able to print it out for your children to use it.*** The focus of this book is the fundamentals of left handwriting, letter structures and fine motor skill. The letter structure is the foundation of writing legibility; the fine motor skill aids in the growth of intelligence. In this book, each letter has a frame designed with the proven best readability and each tracing line-art gears to challenge the maneuverability of the little lovely hand. It’s a workbook, seriously designed but very fun to work with. Please be aware that the math sections are a little advanced. That are used to tickle the little minds curiosities. Remember the stories of how some great minds started their educations? You’ll never know your little one may be one of them in the future. Of course, it’s okay to trace the numbers without knowing the equation meanings. The mind tickling process starts by their own during the number tracing practice.*** English alphabet consists of 26 letters, each having an upper- and lower-case form, total 52 plus 10 numbers. Once the children master these 62 symbols in about 2 to 3 month period of time, they’ll be well ready on their way to develop advanced handwriting styles. A better handwriting is more than a simple writing skill. A child with better handwriting typically companies by other desirable character, such as self-confidence, creativity and organizing capability. Besides, more compliments trigger motivations that advance them in other areas such as leadership. *** The major difference between left and right handwriting is nothing more than stroke sequence and direction. Later, posture and letter slant may come in play when children move to the next level of self-styling which is not covered in this book for this age group. The sequences of the strokes and directions indicated in this book are recommended for left handed children, but not absolute. It’s alright for each child to have their own writing style as long as the structure of the letters and numbers are maintained. *** This book will assist left-handed children to form the foundation of beautiful handwriting and beyond.