Author: Andy Huang

Category: Action & Adventure

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A former bomber pilot finds a cerebral implant with a mystery inside. A Navy lieutenant hears a cybernetic call from an assassinated president. An Undersecretary of Defense stumbles upon a plot that leads them to the heart of the Federation - and the darkness within.In a spacefaring future, the Whisper, a cybernetic spacecraft piloting technology, is being pushed for widespread military adoption. Its past, however, is shrouded in governmental coverup, and comes with secrets all its own.Drawn into a conspiracy, Gerrard, Inca, and Strontium must unravel the threads, face an oncoming war, and find from the darkness a form of humanity - one they can still believe in.Packed with space battles, pirates, and political/spy intrigue, From the Dark is "gripping and intense," "a wild trip of a book," and "dark, telling and oh, so compelling."----------------------------------------------Readers are saying:"Unique characters in a world full of futuristic gizmos and technology, space battles, incredible conspiracies within conspiracies and mind blowing imaginative situations. Andy Huang has the mind of a psycho physicist.""This is a wild trip of a book. Loads of action, nicely done characters and some neat military tech ideas. Plus thrills, suspense and pretty much everything else you'd likely ask for.""Dark, telling and oh, so compelling. From the Dark is a must read adventure from Andy Huang that is sure to turn into a masterful series. If you love dark sci-fi series, then get in on the ground floor with this one.""Gripping and intense.""A well-realized military/space/spy thriller - space opera at its best."----------------------------------------------Embark on the space adventure of a lifetime now.