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You are the man in charge, but does your body language and physical appearance show it? Transform your physique and exude confidence as a leader both off and on paper.Your physical appearance impacts how you are perceived as a leader. You are the man in charge, but do you also look and feel like one? Powerful, energetic, and confident with physical and mental strength? Someone who is fully in the game?The corporate lifestyle can wear you down. Long hours, travel, sitting, lack of sleep, drinks, and business meals take their toll. You want to, but just can’t carve out the time to spend hours at the gym and follow strict diets. And you shouldn't! Endless cardio and starving yourself is not the answer.Bottomline, staying in shape feels like an impossible task unless you have the proper methodolgy and guidance.From Executive Zombie to Boardroom Athlete was designed considering the lifestyle demands of male executives and offers maximum results with minimum invested time. The process is neatly broken down into practical solutions, workarounds, and hacks that enable physique transformation even for the busiest executive.In this book you will learn:How and when you should train to build an athletic frame;That the solution to an athletic physique is far from the “norm” training;How to use food as a fuel to keep your body at high gear throughout the day without starving;How to recover and get quality sleep;and more...The book includes a detailed daily program for 100 days, starting with tiny changes and gradually leading you through a complete lifestyle overhaul. You will transform yourself from a Zombie to an Athlete. And it’s surprisingly easy!This is not just another fitness and diet program!Not a get-fit-in-30-days fitness or diet program. It’s a lifestyle, developed by a leader who fully understands the corporate demands and challenges.Builds up gradually and does not require dramatic changes immediately.Requires minimum time invested in training to achieve visible results fast.Aims at body recomposition, cutting fat, and building that athletic, Greek God physique that will make you look like a leader.Simple and practical, it removes the complexity of typical fitness regimes.It’s time to harness your physique for greater leadership impact!Order your copy now, read it, and get on the path to becoming an awe inspiring leader.