Author: Steve Hudgins

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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DO YOU LIKE SCARY STORIES?"Hudgins is a Horror-Meister to reckon with!" VICTOR MILLER - Writer of Friday the 13thAll 5 volumes of the International Bestselling series Fragments of Fright bundled into one gigantic convenient collection!Over 115 Tales of Terror told in a true story style that will curdle your blood and send shivers down your spine! GHOULS IN THE GRAVEYARD - Tales from the most haunted cemetery in the world!DON’T GO IN THE BASEMENT - A man hears strange noises coming from the basement. But his house doesn’t have a basement!BLACK EYED CHILDREN - Accounts from people who had terrifying encounters with the mysterious Black Eyed Children.THE AXE MURDERER’S HOUSE - Things go terribly wrong when a man holds a contest at an abandoned house with a disturbing past.THERE’S SOMEONE IN MY CLOSET - All alone over Christmas break, a sorority girl hears something moving in her closet.HALLOWEEN MASSACRE - Tales from the survivors of a brutal massacre that took place at a costume party on Halloween night in 1975.THE DYBBUK BOX - The paranormal investigator was warned never to open the haunted dybbuk box. But what will happen if she does?THERE’S A FINGER IN MY POPCORN - The horror movie isn’t the only scary thing at this movie theater.IT COMES OUT AT NIGHT - A man finds himself stranded in a strange, small town where the residents are afraid to go outside at night.THE ABANDONED HOUSE - He was desperate to find a unique abandoned house to explore. Be careful what you wish for.These and over 100 other scary short horror stories are waiting for you!I am here to satisfy all of horror anthology needs!