Forbidden Shifters Complete Series: Books 1–6 by Selena Scott

Author: Selena Scott

Category: Paranormal Romance

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As unregistered wolf shifters living in secrecy, their very existence is technically illegal. Keeping that secret at all costs has been the number one rule the Durant brothers have lived by for nearly their entire lives. But all is not what it seems and soon they will be forced to make some difficult choices.
Books included in this series:
A Mate for Seth - Book 1
Sarah, as drawn to Seth as he is to her, can’t understand why the kind, generous hottie next door is so secretive. She’s never known someone to be so desperate to know her while also throwing up so many roadblocks. With a complicated family history of her own, Sarah has to decide whether Seth is worth all the secrets. And when his secret is blown, she has to decide if she’ll be able to live outside the law with the love of her life.
A Mate for Raphael - Book 2
Natalie Chalk has been best friends with Raphael since elementary school and it hurts her to see him so lonely. When she gets unceremoniously dumped by someone she bet the farm on, Nat finds herself just as lonely as Raphael is. One weird night, the same idea occurs to both of them. What if they could be less lonely… together? They initiate a friends-with-benefits plan to assuage their feelings with one another, but neither could have predicted what would have come next.
A Mate for Jackson - Book 3
Kaya Chalk doesn’t hate men. She’s just constantly annoyed by them. They fawn over her, pursue her, make fools of themselves for her. What she wouldn’t give for a little peace and quiet! With her sister paired off and in love, Kaya becomes determined to live a peaceful, solitary life. That would be possible if only Jackson Durant weren’t suddenly a part of her life again, rescuing her and scowling his way into her heart.
A Mate for Phoenix - Book 4
Ida knows better than to ever get involved with a client. Especially one with daggers for eyes and whose jawline could slice a girl in half. But there is something about Phoenix Wolf that won't stop tempting her. Something magnetic. Something so tempting she can't pull away. When a sinister presence threatens to separate them, they have to decide, will they bad together or fall apart?
A Mate for Orion - Book 5
As Diana and Orion get closer and closer, they begin to notice the strange behavior of someone in their lives. Little do they realize, they're falling in love on borrowed time. There is something dangerous barreling toward Orion and his siblings and Diana might be the only one who can stop it.
A Mate for Quill - Book 6
Quill is given the mission of recruiting her. But Dawn’s emotional connection to the world, to her shifted form, to the natural world opens up something inside him that he didn’t know existed. He’s drawn to her delicate nature. Like a flower that shouldn’t be picked. But all is not what it seems and Quill will be forced to make some hard choices. A fight for love, and a fight for survival!
No cliffhangers and HEA guaranteed.