Author: R. Cayden

Category: LGBT

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At work, at home—my best friend’s twin brother is everywhere I look, tempting me.LeoKeep your filthy hands off my brother.It’s Kai’s one rule before his brother moves into our condo. I tell him no problem; I can handle that.He and River look identical, after all, and it’s not like I’m crushing on Kai.Or anyone, for that matter. I’m a one-night-only type of guy.And River is apparently the opposite: a hopeless romantic, totally incapable of staying single.We’d be a disaster. So after he moves in, why is it that I suddenly can’t stop thinking about how good it feels to make him smile?Why am I torturing myself, fantasizing about his touch?My best friend’s brother is forbidden, but Kai is right.I’m desperate to rub my filthy hands all over him.Forbidden Friend is a sweet and steamy M/M romance with low angst. It features secret office hookups and two guys who keep stumbling into romantic temptation on the way to a very happy HEA. It can be enjoyed alone but is best appreciated as part of the His Best Friend’s Brother series.