Author: Rosemary Hines

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A young couple faces a bright future serving God together. Then an unexpected pregnancy leads to a devastating diagnosis. How will they weather the storm?“Please give us a call as soon as you get home. The doctor would like to see you and Luke to discuss the results of your blood test,” the receptionist said.A knot formed in Madison’s gut. She hadn’t had a baby before, but her nurse’s training took over as she began to contemplate everything that could possibly go wrong. It seemed like a red flag that the doctor wanted to see both of them.What Madison and Luke are about to learn will break their hearts and lead them on a journey no parents want to take. Will their faith carry them through this devastating time, as they cling to God and each other? For a Season is a story of God working through brokenness as He redeems the heartbreak of two of His children."WONDERFUL STORY, WONDERFUL SERIES, 5 STARS!""I stayed up all night reading...I just couldn't put it down!""You won't be disappointed!!!!!""If I could, I would give this book a rating beyond 5 stars!""Thank you, Rosemary, for another gem of a book! Keep 'em coming!""Rosemary has a gift for telling multi-generational family stories." "Well written. I would recommend this to all types of readers. There is something for everyone.""This was truly a wonderful story that will make you laugh and cry! Another job well done by Rosemary Hines!""Rosemary has a knack for pulling you right into the story at the beginning. I could have easily stayed up all night to read it.""You will cry, laugh, and experience this couple's total dependence on God. Enjoy this book!"The Sandy Cove Series has over 1,700 five-star reviews on Amazon. Find out why well over half a million copies of the books in this series have found homes with readers like you. Captivating characters, suspenseful story lines, and thought-provoking themes come together to portray real life dramas as they tell tales of God's grace. Welcome to Sandy Cove!Comments from readers of the Sandy Cove Series:Rosemary's writing strongly reminds me of Karen details, how well the characters are written, the complex story lines...Poignant. Timely. Touching.Excellent read...Rosemary Hines has the exceptional talent to bring her characters to life and etch them into your heart and mind!Loved all the characters and was reminded of Karen Kingsbury. I felt this series surpassed Kingsbury's!Captivated from page one...I couldn't put it down.Rosemary Hines has moved into a place that ties Karen Kingsbury! Her characters and their life challenges are real.Captured me from the first page. I felt a part of the story. I laughed, I cried.Rosemary Hines never fails to craft a story that both glorifies God and edifies the reader.How can an author fit so much heartfelt emotion and spiritual/godly wisdom into one story so well? From the beginning, Rosemary Hines had me totally hooked. Finally a book with an uplifting story.Absolutely LOVE this series!!!!Rosemary Hines knows how to tell a story and pull at my heart can't put down her books.