Author: Sean Thomas Fisher

Category: Horror

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From the bestselling author of the hit zombie series, A Little More Dead, comes a terrifying tale that will leave the reader afraid to go near the water. Fans of The Fog and Jaws will not be able to put this one down!For something dark has been brewing in the small town of Minot, North Dakota. Something waiting for the perfect storm to free it from its shackles. Something that only comes out when it rains…Rory thought losing his dream job and moving back in with his parents was bad. He thought having to face the one that got away was even worse. On his second day back home, he gets dragged into a night of camping by his best friend Woody and, of course, Rachel is there. Looking just as beautiful as the day she left him. Her new boyfriend, on the other hand, just looks plain jealous. Under a blanket of stars, quiet ghost stories around the popping fire lead to skinny-dipping in the silvery moonlight, just like old times. But when people start disappearing beneath the water, Rory will have to fight hard to save his life. He’ll have to fight harder to save hers.The next morning, the town sheriff finds no trace of wrongdoing. No bodies. No blood. No nada. He shakes his head at their story about the things that came out of the lake – the moss-covered ones that snatched Rory’s friends like crocodiles springing from the water’s edge. It’s a morbid tale the sheriff writes off to an alcohol-infused misunderstanding. Nothing more, nothing less. That is, until more missing persons reports start coming in.Sheriff Hooper begins to fear a serial killer is on the loose and when he uncovers the shocking truth, he’ll wish it was that easy. When it begins to rain, he’ll wish there was an escape from the evil incarnate unleashed upon his sleepy little town.Find out why readers are calling this “Fisher’s best yet”, “a must read”, and “creepier than A Little More Dead”.- Floodwater is a full-length standalone novel and now available on audiobook.____________________________________________________________________________Also from Sean Thomas Fisher:Book 1: A Little More DeadBook 2: A Little More Dead: Gunfire & SunshineBook 3: A Little More Alive: The Final ChapterThe Hunting of Malin - A supernatural thriller that will leave you guessing until the very last page. Don't you ever wonder what gets into people?Coming soon:Scary House - Find a penny, pick it up...Don't read alone...