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This is NOT another diet book. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You won’t find any meal plans, grocery lists, rules for what you can and cannot eat, insane workout programs, magic supplements, or tricks to make the scale move. Why? Because you’ve tried all that garbage, and it hasn’t worked. Dieting doesn’t work. The diet industry wants you to be unsuccessful, because they profit from your failure. Fixing Fat Loss will give you everything that the industry lacks; a fighting chance. I will break down for you, step by step, the exact system I use for my clients to achieve their desired goals. I will teach you why diets fail, mindset change, nutritional guidelines, healthy habit development, and much more. I won’t tell you any secrets or magical bullshit. Only science-based facts that have been tried, tested and proven. So if you’re tired of riding the diet roller coaster, having food control you, want to lose fat, and most importantly, keep it off, then this is the book for you.

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