Author: Denis Shacket and Tara Bradacs

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When a tragic mountain-climbing accident left business professor Denis Shackel stranded on Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand, he turned to the leadership principles he’d been teaching for years to survive the longest night of his life. Alone, with temperatures plunging to -30 degrees Celsius, Shackel managed to stay alive. He broke the night into five thousand five-second intervals, and chose to deal with only one interval at a time -- a strategy based on the effective leaders’ practice of breaking big challenges into smaller, more manageable ones. Shackel emerged from this harrowing experience having cemented his belief that the principles fundamental to leadership are also the key to tackling any challenge. Since then, he has been helping students, executives and corporations use the proven “five seconds at a time” approach to achieve success in business and in life. At a time when many leaders are feeling overwhelmed, Five Seconds at a Time provides effective tools and strategies to excel. With its compelling mix of survival stories, leadership principles and inspiring case studies, this book will inspire readers to achieve the seemingly impossible.