Author: Elena Aitken

Category: Contemporary Romance

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We have unfinished business. I owe him a debt. And there's only one way to repay it.They say your forties are the new twenties.Maybe that would be true if my ex-husband hadn’t turned out to be a lying, cheating, stealing ass who left me with nothing except my pride.And it’s that pride that should keep me from accepting Phillip Conrad’s sexy, sinful, and way too indecent proposal to pay off the debt I owe him.I should walk away. I should slap him. Hell, I should tell him exactly where he can shove his offer.But I can't.Because Phillip and I have unfinished business and it’s long past time to see if that spark between us has the potential to become a full-fledged inferno.Besides, if forty is the new twenty, and a second chance is really on the table, then maybe it’s not too late for some excitement. The hotter the better. And if I’m really lucky? Maybe I’ll get my happy ending after all.***Author's note: Finally Yours is a second chance with your billionaire, first love, small town romance that proves it's never too late for a happily ever after—especially one complete with lots of long overdue spice.