Author: John H. Clark

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“If you're feeling like life has passed by too quickly, or that you're no longer capable of what you once were, John Clark's story is just what you need to re-ignite the spark inside you." – Matt Stone; 180DegreeHealth.comRunning out of timeJohn Clark, an overweight, self-loathing school teacher turning 60 years old, had a wild idea. Despondent and depressed at the idea of becoming a sexagenarian, he was absolutely PANICKED at the possibility that the time he had left to fulfill his biggest dreams was running out – and running out FAST. Instead of buying a sports car he couldn’t afford in a feeble attempt to reassert his fading masculinity, or joining a gym like many do with the hopes of shedding a few pounds, Clark chose something a lot more outrageous … POLE VAULTING! Proving everyone wrongWith absolutely no track and field experience whatsoever, Clark challenged his neglected body to do something that many would consider silly, outrageous, or even downright dangerous for a man of his age in his condition. But Clark rejected the notion that it was too late in life, and proved all doubters wrong. Never too late to live a dreamHe VAULTED his way over the hill, becoming a gold medal-winning Masters athlete and certified personal trainer. He set new goals, resurrected long-abandoned dreams, and found a new zest for life. All in just two short years! You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to do something that inspires you. Read Finally Fit today.