Author: Amarie Avant

Category: Romantic Suspense

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A fighter beat my best friend to within an inch of her life, and I lost it . . .I stormed into a Russian gym, and threatened an MMA champ, with sinfully dark eyes and dangerous muscles. Of course, I'd already cursed every Russian by the time I got to him.He introduced himself as Vassili Resnov, my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. Only idiots threaten Resnovs, and then they die--which is logical. The Resnov Bratva is the largest crime syndicate in Russia, maybe the world.But Vassili might not be as depraved as his counterparts. Once we clear the air--and I find out I was at the wrong gym-- he offers me the chance to continue breathing.Now, I belong to him. I have more cards up my sleeve.Big ones. Such as my father's business card. The 'Chief of Police' tag should save me. Right?