Author: Wendy Meadows

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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An amateur sleuth with a bed and breakfast, a guest found dead, and a handsome detective husband who helps unravel the mystery in the cozy beach town of Sweetfern Harbor...Sheffield Bed and Breakfast is buzzing with anticipation of Fiddlers arriving in Sweetfern Harbor for the East Coast Fiddler Jamboree. The event is a new one William Pendleton has arranged to draw new crowds in. Brenda looks forward to guests and especially to Jake Smith who is better known as The Fiddler and grandson to the famous Abram Smith known as The Shredder. Allie Williams becomes excited to know she will check in someone so famous. As guests begin to arrive, she and Brenda sense the personalities are very different from one another.During the first dinner when all gather to get acquainted tension arises when Mason Eads scoffs about the low esteem he holds for the type of music loved by Jake. The Fiddler defends the art. Reverend Thomas Kelly steps in and gently admonishes them for arguing in front of Brenda and the other guests. Brenda hopes the discord can be chalked up to guests’ travel fatigue.The Jamboree promises a large crowd and good music. Brenda and Mac, her Detective husband, join friends at the park for the evening. Phyllis and William talk about the success of the night before they part company. As the Rivers approach the bed and breakfast, Brenda receives a frantic call from one of their guests. Alan Haas tells her he and his wife have discovered a dead body of Mason Eads inside the gate of the bed and breakfast.Once interrogations begin it soon proves to Brenda her guests aren’t all they perceive to be. The Fiddler comes to the forefront of suspicion as do Mattie and Drake Cabot. The more she and Mac delve into the case of murdered Mason, the more complicated it becomes. Even the Minister becomes suspect. Brenda knows if she can find connections to the victim, she will find the killer. Shock sets in again when a bloody knife is found along with a long narrow necktie in bins behind Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. It is determined not one person killed Mason, but there were two killers. Will Brenda manage to push aside her personal feelings for each guest so to reach a conclusion of the real murderers?This cozy mystery is a clean read: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. It can be read in one to two hours. It is perfect for those moments when you are waiting at an appointment or want to enjoy a quick read.Read all the Sweetfern Harbor cozy mysteries:1. Posies and Poison2. Dead in Bed3. Captain Dead Man4. Ghostly Tours5. Turkey, Pies, and Alibis6. Mystery, Snow, and Mistletoe7. Festival Turmoil8. Scandal at the Gala9. The Elusive Wampum10. Chest of Secrets11. The Bead Seller12. Fe Fi Fiddle Die