Author: Nathan Van Coops

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Born in the sky. Doomed to fall. Destined to soar.
The skylands are in danger. Born in the floating colony of the Skylighters, Samra has yet to master flight, and that’s a big problem.

When cutthroat pirates raid her home, she discovers that the aerial ocean is more deadly than she ever imagined. Now she must survive in their world or lose it all.

High in the mountains, a human boy with a homemade skyship takes to the air on a quest to save his family, but he soon discovers that the Heights have already been claimed, and he’s far from welcome. The young heroes are caught in a rising conflict between earth and air, with the fate of the entire sky at stake.

Take flight on a bold adventure to an exotic world where dangerous beasts, deadly pirates, and fantastical airships rule the skies. Discover a thrilling new tale of action, villainy, and friendship.