Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives by Charles R. Swindoll

Author: Charles R. Swindoll

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Join pastor and bestselling author Charles Swindoll as he explores the stories of 13 biblical hidden figures whose lives have remained in the shadows of history for long enough.
Somehow life has taught us poorly. We're trained to think that the most significant people are star athletes, actors, and musicians--the ones we applaud, those whose autographs we seek, or those who have worldly fame.
But Swindoll teaches us that most often, the people really worth noting are those who turn from a 'nobody' into a 'somebody' but never receive credit. Fascinating Stories from Forgotten Lives reminds us of a core truth: success in God's kingdom and in the church depends upon faithful people the public rarely knows.
The Old Testament contains numerous fascinating stories of forgotten lives--unsung heroes whose actions, sacrifices, or battles failed to ascribe them worldly applause. These great lives, however, reveal significant people whom God honors in the pages of His Word and, therefore, deserve our serious attention and emulation.
From the misfortunes of Esau to the bravery of Abigail, each of these unlikely heroes has four unique elements in common:
A selfless sense of devotion
A mission
A love of harmony
A contagious joy
Join Swindoll in this eighth volume of the bestselling Great Lives from God's Word series as he examines little-remembered Bible characters and events, helping you discover biblical principles and practical applications for living so that you can be who you already are in God's eyes--a person of true significance.