Farm to Mabel: The Complete Duet by Krista Sandor

Author: Krista Sandor

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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Fashion fanatic Mabel Muldowney loathes every part of life on the farm. And worst of all is her brother’s best friend, the infuriatingly broody Cal Horner. The man makes her want to spit nails.
What’s an aspiring fashionista stuck in the sticks to do? Fly the coop and head to the city.
Success in the world of haute couture is within her grasp when a scandalous secret takes her down...hard.
Now there’s nowhere left to go but back to the farm.
But her hometown farming community is in trouble—big financial trouble—and thanks to a crazy twist of fate, Mabel’s got the skills to help. The kicker—she’ll have to work with Cal if she wants to get paid. If the town makes a profit, she will, too. It’s her one-way ticket back to the fashion world.
But the longer she’s home, the harder it is to resist Cal’s tantalizing kisses. Will Cal’s warm embrace persuade her to stay, or will the temptation of her big-city dreams be too hard to ignore?
This ebook box set contains The Complete Farm to Mabel Duet: Farm to Mabel + Horn of Plenty.