Author: Alexa Whitewolf

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Millennia ago, they ruled the Carpathian Mountains, and everything around them. Life was good...until it wasn't. Now, these two brothers will burn the world apart in a dangerous game of sibling rivalry. Unless the women destined for them can rein their anger in, and fix what was broken long ago.


He’s trying to save the world....and she’s saving him.

TytusFamily can be a pain in the ass. Even more so when the only blood relative I have left is a brother intent on destroying the world as punishment for a millennia of imprisonment.Da, one can say I need to be razor-focused in order to figure out what zmeu magic he’s unleashed and how to fix it.Imagine my surprise when my travels to my ancestral home, deep in the Carpathian Mountains, are disturbed by a doe-eyed witch as intriguing as she is broken.I don’t have time for fixing her. I need to fix everything else, first. Top of the list being myself and these wounds that won’t heal. The last thing I need is to get dragged into her quest for redemption.... yet somehow I find myself doing just that. And the worst part? I kind of like being her knight in shining armour.FionaWhen you’ve been used, bruised and battered as I am, you stop trusting people real fast. Especially supernatural beings who have more power in their pinky than I do in my entire being.I don’t trust humans, and I sure as hell don’t trust Tytus. He’s a zmeu, and despite those stormy eyes that see right through me, I’m fully aware he’s only in this quest for himself. But I’m hoping I can get something out of it, too. Something to save my soul, and maybe cut this curse I feel dragging me down to the depths of Hell itself.Only, I’m learning Tytus doesn’t take kindly to being told half truths. Nor to having his charms ignored. And when he turns the full power of his zmeu seduction onto me, I don’t stand a chance. Because the most dangerous thing of all? He’s making me hope for a future that’ll never be.


A spinoff duology of the Moonlight Rogues wolf shifter series; get ready for two very stubborn zmei that play at being dragon shifters, two equally feisty females keeping them in line, and a gazillion Romanian and Greek mythology references. Oh, and action. Let's not forget the action.