Author: Saja Jay

Category: African-American Interest

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Fallon Amari is the epitome of beauty. Born and raised in Somalia, she yearns to be loved and free in a world far away and nothing like her own. But living under the roof of her overprotective strict parents, she knows that what she wants is nothing more than a dream, and it could never be her reality. That is until her forbidden love interest, Shadi, an older man who she's grown to love and trust, promises to give her everything she’s hoped for and more. After an incident with her father goes too far, Shadi vows to protect Fallon and give her her heart’s desire if she agrees to run off to America with him. Thinking that the perfect life awaits her, she agrees with little hesitation, but what happens the second her feet land on the pavement in NYC is something she never expected. Being abandoned by the man she loves, Fallon is thrown in to the harsh world of drugs and sex trafficking. Her instincts jolt her into survival mode, and she has every intention of beating the odds and escaping with her life.Wali is the savage king of the concrete jungle who commands respect with his presence alone. To the world, he’s a ruthless thug with no heart, but raising his younger sister Yaya by himself, he develops a soft side that only a select few get to see. When fate brings him to Fallon, something about her piques his interest and he wants nothing more than to get to know the girl behind the sad eyes. When something tragic happens to someone he loves, Fallon becomes a distant memory, and Wali is on a mission to destroy and conquer.Join Fallon and Wali as they try to survive the mean streets of New York and the hand that they’ve been dealt. Find out if Wali can be Fallon’s knight in shining armor or will she end up having to be his?