Author: J.A. Armstrong

Category: LGBT

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Diana Lansing is an art gallery owner who knows a lot about loss. Her adult life has been spent trying to convince herself that living offers more than grief. Dr. Eden Holbrook is a pediatrician who loves art. One of Diana’s many indulgences is attending her best friend, Jessie’s Saturday Night Soirees. Saturday nights at Jessie’s house may be discreet to the outside world, discretion is optional when the door closes. A chance collision between the enigmatic gallery owner and the sweet pediatrician ignites more than a few sparks. But can the pair find common ground in the stark light of day?Doubt, insecurity, fear, and hopefulness challenge Diana as she endeavors to get closer to Eden. Along the way, she will discover that one thing is scarier than losing someone you love—never feeling love at all. With a little guidance and a lot of courage, Diana might just expose the meaning of Eden. Exposing Eden is an erotic romance by best-selling author, J.A. Armstrong that explores sexuality, love, and the power of letting go.