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Bread is a real treasure of a home-cooked meal. Have you ever thought that you can easily prepare in their oven with minimal equipment and great taste? Now you can!Why is bread so good for? Well, it makes:§ Our breakfast healthy§ Our salads more tempting§ Our food more mouth-watering§ Our sandwiches scrumptiousThis dedicated book on bread making divided into versatile sections that let you prepare different kinds of bread at home including whole wheat bread, Focaccia bread, Flatbread, Fougasse bread and dessert sweet bread made of healthy ingredients such as flax seeds, oats, maple syrup, pears, blueberries, peaches, chocolate, rosemary, cinnamon, honey, carrots and so on. If you are new to homemade bread then these homemade bread recipes will be a good starting-point for baking in your oven.You can easily follow our recipes and cook delicious bread in less than an hour without a bread machine. We've gathered up excellent homemade bread recipes, sorted the mand divided into 2 big chapters: Classic Delicious Bread and Sweet Bread Fiesta.Here you will find:· Tempting Wheat Bread· Super Yummy Dark Bread· Scrumptious Flatbread· Mouth Mumbling Dessert BreadThis homemade bread cookbook also includes very useful tips that help you in preparing the best bread at home about:Go for Room Temperature IngredientsDough ConditionIdeal TemperaturePan Positioning and many others