Everybody but Me by Marcus Lopés

Author: Marcus Lopés

Category: LGBT

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In the captivating follow-up to his provocative coming-of-age novel, Broken Man Broke, Marcus Lopés deepens his exploration of the obligations of love that sometimes hold us hostage…
It’s hard to live a quiet life when everybody knows his name. And Scott’s newfound celebrity status makes it even harder. Still sifting through the wreckage from his college years, all he wants is time to figure things out – what he wants, what really matters, and who he is.
But when he attracts the attention of a ballsy, hot lawyer, all his plans are put on hold. As their powerful romance blossoms, Scott is haunted by memories of his past. The betrayal of his first love, his best friend’s confession and the friendship put to the test, and the tragic loss that reminds him of the importance of family. Each scar reveals unexpected insights about what it means to love: the person we’re with, the place we live, and the life we lead…
Everybody but Me revisits and expands the world of Broken Man Broke, where unspoken desires finally find their voice. The consequences will rattle everyone to their cores: to never know what truly belongs to them. Read more