Author: Hannah Jo Abbott

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For Paige Kelly, life hasn’t turned out the way she planned. At twenty-two, she thought she would be graduating from college and starting a career. But the loss of her parents changed everything. Now she spends her time working as a waitress and taking care of her five younger siblings. Despite the urging of those close to her, she doesn’t find time for a life of her own.When Russell Pierce returns to his childhood hometown, he’s eager to focus on success in his new career as a country club manager. Meeting Paige wasn’t part of his plan, but now he can’t stop thinking about her. He wants to get to know her and help her, but she resists all his efforts. He tries to forget her, but she’s far from forgettable. When a project at the Club forces them to work together, the line between colleagues and friends will start to blur. Russell has to consider taking a chance to pursue her, and Paige will have to decide if she’s ready to give life a second chance.