Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers by Sara Zeff Geber

Author: Sara Zeff Geber

Category: Advice & How-To

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A practical yet humorous guide to aging solo gracefully and achieving a happy retirement.

In Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers, certified retirement coach Sara Zeff Geber coins the term “Solo Ager” to refer to the segment of society that either does not have adult children or is single and believes they will be on their own as they grow older. This book explores the path ahead for this group. That includes choices in housing, relationships, legal arrangements, finances, and more.

Geber reviews the role of adult children in an aging parent’s world and suggests ways in which Solo Agers can mitigate the absence of adult children by relationship building and rigorous planning for their future. Geber shares her expertise on what constitutes a fulfilling older life and how Solo Agers can maximize their opportunities for financial security, physical health, meaning and purpose in the second half of life, and, finally, planning for the end game.

Through real-life stories and anecdotes, the author explores housing choices, relationships, and building a support system. You will learn about:·       different levels of care and independence in various types of living arrangements·       how to initiate discussions among friends and relatives about end-of-life treatment·       “what if” scenarios·       who to talk to about legal and financial decisions

And it’s not just the Solo Ager that can learn from this book. Financial advisors, elder law and estate attorneys, senior care managers, and others whose clientele is on the far side of sixty will benefit as well. Read more