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Would you like to be able to Improve Your Social Skills, Build Stronger Relationship, Overcoming Depression, Boost Your EQ With Self Discipline?If you've answered yes, this book only for you!Emotional intelligence is really important and is critical for success both in personal and professional life. You are helped because of it develop leadership skills, maintain meaningful relationships, and navigate through difficult intervals of life skillfully. So, how much effort you placed into developing or enhancing your emotional intelligence depends partly on how much you value the quality of your relationships, and on how far you want to get professionally partly. Emotional intelligence can help you develop and perfect these skills by sensitizing both of you to your personal emotions and to those of others, and simply by encouraging you to focus on improving your relationships constantly. Unfortunately, most people are as well self-centered and concerned only with their own problems and life and so are simply not thinking about others. Most would rather give a donation than become actively involved with helping someone, if only to spend some time listening to them even. Although that is partly due to the busy and stressful lives the majority of us live, it's also because our culture has only lately recognized the need for emotional intelligence for your well-being and the reasons many people battle to develop it. We all have relationship problems every once in a while, and what's particularly annoying is realizing, with hindsight, that lots of of them might have been avoided had the communication been better. That is one of the explanations why emotional intelligence is such an important skill at work.In this book, you will discover;• EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE• WHAT ARE EMOTIONS?• 4 TIPS ABOUT HOW TO DEVELOP EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE• 10 MAIN GREAT THINGS ABOUT HAVING HIGH PSYCHOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCE• 7 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE• IMPORTANCE OF EMOTIONS• WHY YOU WILL NEED EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE• GUIDE TO SELF-AWARENESS• GOOD RELATIONSHIP ADVANCEMENT CHECKLISTSo, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and dive into the world of emotional intelligence!