Author: Dr.Theresa J. Covert

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Still struggling from the effects of an abusive relationship?

- If you're feeling heartbroken over one particular individual and this heartache has been going on for a weirdly long time- If you are “stuck” on one person in your life, if you feel you are trauma bonded to an individual and can’t move past feeling heartbroken over them, then …This book will work to eradicate that completely.

Do the following symptoms sound familiar?- Doubting yourself and your sanity- You’re second-guessing your memory- Feeling like you aren’t good enough- Feeling misunderstood- Feeling lonely- Ruined self confidence- Extreme weight loss or weight gain- Uncharacteristic jealousy/ insecurity- Feeling like you don’t know the difference between right and wrong- Extreme paranoia (being turned into an obsessive detective)- Constantly trying to find explanations for what has happened- Feelings of helplessness and despair- A desire to self isolate- Feeling desperately misunderstood- An inability to be comfortable with yourself- Sudden inexplicable anxiety followed by rapid dips into depressionWHAT YOU NEED NOW:-Someone who has the knowledge, training, education and experience working on himself and others to lead you through the emotional sh*tstorm that breaking with a narcissist can create.But First, A Warning:Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

This workbook does not contain a "magic wand" that will bring you instant answers without having to do any work.What I’m about to share with you takes both time and effort and has worked wonders for me and my private clients. And I believe it can help you too.The exact process I’ll be sharing with you has taken several of my clients from a state of frustration and feeling "stuck", to crystal clarity as to what they should do.So with that said, let me tell you…You don't have to live this way forever.Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…- Trauma Bonding: Why you CAN’T Leave an Abusive Relationship- How to outsmart narcissists silent treatment and end the pain today - The psychological disorders that feed emotional abuse- Unhealthy vs Healthy relationships: The signs you need to know- The easiest ways to identify emotional abusers FAST- 13 Must know signs of Emotional Abuse- What you MUST do to LEAVE an Emotionally Abusive Relationship- BOUNDARIES you MUST set with an abuser- How To Forgive When You Can’t Forget- The Reasons why Empaths attract toxic people and how to protect yourself- Emotional healing: Techniques to overcome negative emotions- The steps to create an abuse-free futureAnd so much more …

What’s Holding You Back?

-“I’m afraid of really hearing the truth.”My book is designed with YOU in mind, and all of the information is delivered to you in a loving, gentle manner. You will never be put down by me, you will feel confident and supported!

- “I’m not ready to do anything just yet. I’ll get it when I’m ready to take action.”This book doesn’t force you to do anything you’re not ready to do. You have all the time in the world to complete it, and you do it on your terms and at your speed. I can’t promise you that reading to this book is going to be a “total cure”, but I can promise that if you APPLY YOURSELF DILLIGENTLY, take notes, read and re-read the chapters, follow all instructions to the letter, with a tenacious resolve to get better you will feel an instant decrease in anxiety within the first 24 hours and should see huge improvements within the first 3 days.

This is not hype, this is what my audience commonly report