Author: Dwight Ritter

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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On a remote spit of land, a magical bicycle befriends Tom, a boy of nine. Emerson the “talking bike” becomes Tom’s best friend and playmate, offering an ear during the boy’s troubles, and a wise sage during his adolescence. But as the boy becomes a man, Tom listens less and less to Emerson and more and more to the wisdom of the world. It would take a miracle to bring Tom back to the hopeful days of his youth when life was an adventure to be lived - not endured.The miracle arrives after Tom’s stint in jail when the ocean delivers one of the most savage hurricanes to ever hit the coast. Tired, bitter, and old, Tom rummages through an old garage and finds his discarded bike. But is he too late? Can Emerson restore the soul of his friend before the sun sets on their adventures for the final time?