Author: J.R. Rain

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From J.R. Rain, the international #1 bestselling author of over ninety novels, comes the epic standalone mystery noir that asks the question: what if Elvis faked his death?

It's tough being the King.

Which is why in 1977 Elvis faked his own death and endured massive facial reconstruction surgery, and disappeared from the limelight to live a normal life as the unassuming Aaron King. Unfortunately, leaving fame behind also meant leaving his fortune behind, too, and now Elvis finds himself broke and living in near poverty in a small apartment in Los Angeles. Luckily for him, it turns out he's a pretty good private investigator.

Now in his seventies and contemplating a return to music (discreetly, of course), Elvis is hired to solve a baffling missing person case. The King digs deeper, and soon finds himself surrounded by the seedier elements of Los Angeles, from nefarious Hollywood producers who prey upon the young, to twin brothers with a very dark secret.

And as Elvis pieces the bizarre puzzle together, he slowly makes his singing comeback -- and will be reunited on stage with someone even the King himself never dreamed possible.

For fans of Robert B. Parker, Robert Crais, and Sue Grafton! Elvis Has Not Left the Building is a standalone mystery thriller with over 100,000 copies sold and counting! The #1 bestseller in Mystery, Private Investigations, and Hard-Boiled Fiction!

"Imagining that Elvis faked his own death, lives as a PI in Los Angeles, and is tortured by not knowing his daughter is a fantastic premise for a book. Having grown up on Elvis movies and music, I loved the idea that the King still lives. Rain tells the tale beautifully, sets up a mystery expertly and is as fun to read as Elvis was to watch. Even if you never heard of Elvis and live in a cave in Siberia, you'll be thoroughly entertained by Elvis Has Not Left the Building. I'm hoping this is a series... " ?Amazon reviewer

"Loved it! This is definitely a crazy good 'can't-put-down-until-your-finished' kind of book!! I absolutely adored this book! If you haven't read this, it's a must! If your not already a fan of J.R. Rain, he's a must, too!!! Everything Mr. Rain writes has me turning pages and not accomplishing much until I'm finished! No spoilers here... but I will say it's a super fun story! Well worth it!" ?Amazon reviewer

"Elvis Lives ! As an Elvis fan, I loved this quirky book... just to imagine Elvis reappearing after thirty years as an incognito Private Detective is a blast! I think that the author captured Elvis's personality and was able to 'write him' into this fun plot. If you love Elvis, you will get a kick out of this book." ?Amazon reviewer

"The premise is that Elvis is not dead, but alive and with a surgically altered appearance, has become a private investigator. While it seems quirky, it really works, and is a fun part of the story. I enjoyed this read, and would buy it again!" ?Amazon reviewer

"When I started to read this book I had no idea I would get so hooked. I read it in two days and loved it. The idea that Elvis is alive and working as a private investigator is mind blowing. The ending was very touching and I loved it. J.R. Rain is an incredible writer and I enjoy reading all his novels." ?Amazon reviewer

"Let it rain! J.R. Rain that is! I recently discovered this fabulous author and can't stop reading his books! They are smartly written and have a great slice of humor. He has so many books that the more I read, the more I fall more in love with his characters, plot lines and imagination. Whether you sink your teeth into Samantha Moon, investigate with Jim Knighthorse, or curl up with a peanut butter and banana sandwich while you follow Aaron King (Elvis), you will become a fan. I can't wait to read everything J.R. Rain puts out!" ?Amazon reviewer