Author: Tony James Slater

Category: Action & Adventure

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For centuries, the Wardens have guarded our planet.Their sacred duty: to protect humanity from itself…and from everything else.Lord Anakreon, Warden of the First Circle, has a problem.He’s been forced to kill another apprentice, and he’s rapidly running out of candidates.In fact, there is precisely one left…On Earth, Tristan Andrews is in trouble.He has been ever since the day his dad left for work – and never came home.Seven years later, living with one foot on the street, Tristan is struggling to survive.Until a tough old man with a scarred face breaks into his house. He claims to have the answers Tristan seeks…But there’s a price.What people are saying about Earth Warden:“Earth Warden is a fast paced and explosive space adventure!”“Very much in the vein of 'Star Wars', 'The Fifth Element' and 'Firefly', it’s chock full of space battles, genetically-engineered assassins, and mysterious alien artefacts. The galaxy is a seriously dangerous place!”“Bestselling author Tony James Slater’s sci fi debut is a scorcher.”