Author: Tammy Andresen

Category: Historical Romance

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He’s too dangerous and she’s too haunted…

Lady Diana Chase has no intention of marrying any man, especially not the large Scot with a deep brogue and penchant for meddling in her business. And when he steps too far and puts his lips on hers…well that’s perfectly dreadful. Or perfectly wonderful…she hasn’t made up her mind. Perhaps Diana will need another kiss to decide…

The Earl of Exmouth knows what type of woman he wants. A nice Scottish lass that will heal the wounds in his family. It’s what they deserve after what he’s done. And if he doesn’t love his bride then, hopefully, he can keep her away from the real darkness in his heart. Marriage is like every other part of his life…a duty to be met, a penance to be paid.

The problem? A dark haired, sharp tongued, devil of an English debutante won’t leave him be. What’s a man to do but kiss her quiet? Turns out, that’s only the beginning of his troubles.