Author: DJ Cooper

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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While the world around them spirals into anarchy, Destiny and her small group of family and friends prepare for the worst. Located rurally turns out to be a blessing as chaos reigns. Their foresight when the news reports Ebola has hit U.S. soil pays off. Pooling their limited resources to swiftly prepare for what may come. Learning to improvise and the value of knowledge helps them to survive the initial days of the collapse.It soon becomes apparent that something just doesn’t fit about Ebola and the news they’re given when the financial crisis grinds society to a halt. Changing their very way of life, they find themselves at the heart of a war they did not intend with an unlikely enemy bent on their destruction.Enjoy their humor as they bring a lighthearted perspective to a very dark time. Reminding themselves that they are still a community, yet always remaining vigilant and aware of the new world they live in.