Author: Kira Roman

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: May 02, 2022

Deal ends: May 02, 2022


Cheated on, lied to, fooled so easily…
I missed every single red flag, and looking back, the signs were never there. So how did I spend so much time loving someone who threw me away for one night with someone else?
My step brother hated him before, but now? Now he wants to pick up all my broken pieces… Show me how it feels to be worshiped.
There’s no future for us though, we could never work, but Octavio doesn’t care, he wants me, and he’s making that clear every chance he gets… Says he’ll do whatever it takes to get my body back under his…
So what do I do? Well, I got a fake boyfriend in an attempt to scare off my step brother, and a very persistent, stalker like ex-boyfriend.
And don’t even get me started on my new study buddy…
Annoyingly, these men are not interested in taking no for an answer.