Author: J. Burrows

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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He yearns to ease his conscience before he draws his last breath. Can he take his final journey without destroying true love?

Bill Sanderson is determined to make his remaining days count. Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he’s wary of adding yet another burden to his wife’s pain since the loss of their only child. But he fears if he can’t confess the error of his ways, his growing guilt will destroy the precious few months he has left with his wife, Maggie.

Bill is a confirmed atheist and contemplates making his own dignified exit. But he knows that taking this ultimate step would test his devout wife’s faith, and deny her the comfort of believing he and their daughter will reunite in Heaven.

Can Bill find the forgiveness and redemption he needs to let everyone rest in peace?

Driving in Fog is a heart-wrenching women’s fiction novel.