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I AM VERY EXCITED TO INTRODUCE YOU to a program that I am incredibly passionate about, a program that has changed my life forever as well as the lives of thousands of other women. It’s called Beauty Profiling, and it is the very first step to Dressing Your Truth. Beauty Profiling is not focused on putting beauty one, but on your inner source of beauty—the real you. What you will learn is that your outer beauty truly starts with your inner beauty, and when you know the truth about your inner beauty—your Beauty Profile—you will be ready to adorn your body to show your true beauty through your outer appearance.For many women, dressing and adorning themselves has been one of the biggest challenges of their lives, a lifelong battle that started when they were in their young teens. Most women feel defeated by that battle because, based on the way the fashion world works, it seems to be a battle you can never win. We have blamed ourselves, our bodies, and our looks for not looking great in the clothes that we are lured to purchase by a fashion culture with a insatiable appetite for trends and change. Fortunately, you are going to discover in the pages of this book how misinformed we have been and how unnecessarily hard we have been on ourselves for something that quite frankly, until now, you have not had the tools to change.Beauty Profiling will teach you a new way of looking at yourself, not just for today but for a lifetime. It will put you in touch with your intuitive sense of what fashions are right for you, what looks best on you, and what you are naturally and instinctively drawn to.Knowing your personal Beauty Profile will not only set the stage for you to Dress Your Truth, it will give you a deeper and clearer understanding of who you are—your unique gifts and talents, your inherent qualities and traits, why you are the Type of woman that you are. This will support you in moving forward in your life in great confidence and awareness. In this day and age, we as women are ready to know ourselves more fully and clearly and to live it with honesty and confidence.My goal for you is that after reading this book you will be able to say, “I know what my personal Beauty Profile is, and I know now that my life will be different forever! I love myself!”The purpose of this book is to assist you in discovering your personal Beauty Profile. Once you know your Beauty Profile and what Type of woman you are, you will be ready to learn how to dress your truth. You will not learn what clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup, skincare, and hairstyles are perfect for you by reading this book. In fact, I don’t think anyone should learn a fashion and beauty system only through a book. I have studied dozens of fashion and beauty books, and to me, they are too often a maze of captions and pictures, difficult to put into the kind of practical application that creates any satisfying results.To help you experience your total personal makeover, I have created a website to assist you. The fashion world has avoided giving you the tools to understand and dress for your Type of beauty, but Dressing Your Truth specializes in giving you hands-on tools to teach you what clothes will look best on you, the best color, cut and style for your hair, how to apply makeup to look naturally beautiful, what jewelry and how to accessorize an outfit in a style that is perfect for you. Where the fashion world left you guessing, Dressing Your Truth makes you your own beauty expert.