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Drake and Zion have been best friends from eating glue in kindergarten, pulling capers together in their teenage years, and to running an empire in their adulthood. Their friendship is one of a kind. No one can break the bond that they share, not even Drake’s numerous girlfriends, who can’t seem to hold their place in his life due to Zion always being by his side, intimidating every girl that claims to be his, meanwhile the women always felt as if it was more to their story. Drake finds the woman of his dreams. After one night, it changes the course of Zion and Drake’s friendship. Zion starts to fall back, realizing that their friendship is too much of a distraction, and she truly wants him to settle down and be happy. But when she finds out that the love of his life isn’t who she seems to be and that she has a hidden agenda, Zion tries to warn him but realizes that Drake was already in too deep as war wages between the two women in his life.?Will their friendship withstand the terror of their enemies, or will they finally kiss their friendship goodbye?