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?? GET YOUR FREE EXTRA EBOOK GUIDES! Find the QR code inside the book! ??? FREE eBook 1: DR. SEBI'S HERB LIST? FREE eBook 2: HOW TO FAST REMOVE MUCUS AND TOXINES? FREE eBook 3: 130+ ALKALINE DIET RECIPESHave you ever wondered what it means to be truly healthy?Have you ever wanted to learn how to improve your health and avoid diseases that traditional medicine cannot help?

If the answer is “YES”, I suggest you keep reading…This book will teach you everything about Dr. Sebi's philosophy, teachings, cures, and treatments to improve your health naturally and overcome or avoid diseases that traditional medicine cannot cure.Dr. Sebi's healing methods are also suitable for vegans, because his diet does not include ANY animal products, but rather, it focuses on promoting a lifestyle capable of maximizing your health condition thanks to alkaline, raw foods, and in particular the so-called “electricfoods” i.e. those foods that he calls “alive”.By reading this book, you’ll discover:


Who Was Dr. Sebi,

so you can know who is behind these incredibly healthy eating habits, and understand why you can trust his teaching and his knowledge?

The Best Dr. Sebi Treatments,

for conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, HIV, Hair Loss, Hypertension, Lupus, PCOS, STDs, Herbal Medicine, and Herbal Teas?

Dr. Sebi’s Book Of Remedies,

which is a vast section of the book (like a book within the book) filled with problems and conditions and their relative natural solution. The problems listed space from Acidic Mucus Build-Up, Acne, Fever, Hangovers, Headaches, and Wounds, to Menstrual Cycle Irregularities, Insomnia, Heartburn, Cramps, Autism, Arthritis, and more?

Dr. Sebi’s Autoimmune Solution,

which will help you to stay healthy and avoid complications

Other than this, you’ll also know:


7 Common But Dangerous Illnesses You Can Treat With This Diet


Dr. Sebi’s Recommended Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Cancer Care


Dr. Sebi’s Anxiety Solution


A Guide On Where To Find Healing Herbs


… & Much More!

Many celebrities have claimed to have been healed by Dr. Sebi including Magic Johnson, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, and Michael Jackson.Remember that knowledge is power, and with this book, you will know everything you need in order to live healthily naturally!

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