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There’s something about the LaVignes....From the outside looking in, they seemingly have it all....The Perfect house.The Perfect family.The Perfect life....Until Solana McBride’s body is found, and they’re the only suspects.The Wife.Marcombi “Mars” LaVigne, a quirky artist teetering on the edge of reclusion, has managed to turn her slew of odd hobbies into a lucrative career. Recognized for her creative free hand and unique eye, Mars’ innate ability to bring “art to life” has rewarded her with accolades unimaginable until a new project places a microscope over her past. The talent Mars considers a blessing turns into a curse overnight when she’s forced to confront her fears. A deeper look reveals a new perspective that may put her conscience at ease, but after being blindsided by the train wreck in her marriage, she’s left wondering if her husband was ever the man he claimed to be.The Husband.Passionate and supportive, Dreux LaVigne is the knight in shining armor every girl dreams of and the man every woman wants. Indebted to the oath he exchanged at the altar, Dreux’s love for Mars has never waned. Impulsive and overly ambitious at times, Dreux finds purpose in providing for his family and is willing to do anything to keep a smile on his wife’s face…even if it's at the expense of hurting others.Every marriage has its ebbs and flows, but after five long years, Marcombi and Dreux are finally at peace, despite the turbulence around them. Relationships have always been a gamble for Mars, but her love and honor go unquestioned when Dreux decides to venture into murky waters…“For better or worse… for richer or poorer” - Will the LaVigne’s vows remain unbroken once Mars’ secrets emerge from the shadows and Dreux’s bad habits resurface at a deadly cost? What happens when you look the love of your life in the eyes and there’s a stranger staring back at you?In 'Double or Nothing', the LaVignes wager between life and death, prosecution and freedom, and loving each other unconditionally when they're accused of committing a crime of passion.Will they roll the dice…or will they fold?***This is a FULL LENGTH, STANDALONE novel***'Double Or Nothing' is a romantic suspense novel complete at 115k words. This psychological thriller is full of insta-love, hot and steamy scenes, and the type of drama that will make you laugh, cry, and discover the meaning of true love.As a thank you for your support, an exclusive preview of my upcoming romance release has been added for your further enjoyment.

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