Getting distracted easily and often?

Can’t remember the last time you felt motivated to work?Feeling like you’re stuck?

This is common. It’s a symptom of numbing your brain with social media, games, and other hyper-stimulating activities.

Are you sick of how much time you spend on the Internet but you can’t help yourself?

Is it not fun anymore?

Do you know what you should do, but you give in and do something immediately rewarding instead?

Do you find regular activities that other people find fun not fun at all?

These are the signs that you need a dopamine detox.

When was the last time you

switched off your phone


Are you someone who falls asleep with your device in your hand, unable to stop tweeting, scrolling, and

consuming the endless content

to be found at the touch of a button?

Do you ever:

– Not feel like starting?

– Fear your work will not be good enough?

– Get overwhelmed and go on social media instead of work or studying?

Then you’re in the right place.

This Book Will Finally Give You The Freedom To Live A Balanced Life Without The Addictive Tendencies That Pull You Down

How Do You Know You Are Riding the “Dopamine Rollercoaster”?

– Decent to Poor Sleep Quality- Mental Fog and/or Scattered Thinking- Frequently Tired through the day- Relying on Stimulants to Get through the day- Being Stuck to Your “Smart” Phone, Day & Night- Waking Up tired in the morning and Staying Up Wired at night- Drinking or Smoking Too Much- Craving Foods that You May be Allergic Too (Immune System Imbalances)- Find Yourself Aimlessly Scrolling Social Media- Losing Track of Short Term and/or Long Term Memory Recall- Struggling to Manage Your Daily Responsibilities- Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed Out, (even just a little is not a good sign!)- Avoiding Tasks and Putting them Off to “tomorrow”

With This Book You Will Learn How To Feel Better

– Release stagnant emotions, access the root of your habits & change the pattern- Override limiting beliefs, mental loops and anxiety patterns- Nourish your body, cleanse your cells and upgrade your health game- Increase mental focus, improve brain health and enhance cognitive performance- Manage your life energy and prioritize what’s important- Tap into your intrinsic genius and live your best life- Create a healthy relationship with social media and media platforms- Map out the blueprint for your future from a place of integrity and confidence

This is NOT For You If…

– You think your life will change without replacing your habits.- You are someone who wants a quick fix instead of an in-depth journey into your patterns, beliefs and conditioning.- You’re not ready to take responsibility for your actions, mindset or wellbeing

Ready to discover the solution for how you can reset your mind and feel better?