Author: Christopher P. Yerling, Ph.D.

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Your Career May Be in JeopardyAggression. Hostility. Intimidation. You’ve seen these behaviors at work, but you may not know there are a group of employees who are routine bullying targets: great employees. Great employees are good at what they do, friendly, and hard working. Unfortunately, these same traits make them ideal targets for bullies. High performance is often correlated with workplace abuse. And the result isn’t just a bad day for these bullied employees. They may experience chronic stress, job loss, and even hospitalization. Should You Do Less Work at the Office?“Work hard.” “Do your best.” These sayings have shaped the lives of millions of workers. But there may be a downside to doing your best. Science reveals the very act of doing great work may not bring success, but the opposite. Your boss and coworkers may target you with vindictive performance reviews, gossip, and even work sabotage. Don’t Shine is a short book with strategies for doing great work so you can thrive. It reveals the science behind workplace performance so you don’t get bullied out of your job or career. Because everyone deserves the right to shine. About the AuthorChristophe P. Yerling, Ph.D. is a researcher and award-winning journalist whose career has spanned nearly three decades. He’s a graduate of Miami University and Columbia University and lives in Woodstock, New York with his wife and college sweetheart, Diane, and two teenage sons. The Yerling clan includes a moody cat named Otis and a sheep dog named Marble.

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