Author: Lysa Black

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Potent ancient wisdom meets practical modern guidance as Lysa leads you through the ancient story of Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. Ishtar was so stricken by grief that she unknowingly gave away her truth and lost power from each of her seven chakras.

Divine Purpose is Book 2 of the Shine Series
What if your divine purpose was to simply embody the truth of being who you really are?

Within these pages, Lysa shares the 13 principles that will clarify how you can heal, open and align your seven chakras. These practical principles are shared through real life stories that will inspire you to continue to self heal until you find yourself at home in your divinity.

Lysa's depth of self-acceptance infuses her guidance with a love that allows you to be with yourself in total trust. She reminds you that you are your wisest sage and that you have everything you require to ascend and enjoy the radiance of being a lotus risen from the mud.

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